Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nocturne Alchemy Reviews

I decided to participate in Ajevie's decant circle because Nocturne Alchemy scents were available this month and I've been pretty curious about their brand after seeing so many rave reviews online. Shipping was prompt and Angela even included a free pixi stick so I am definitely pleased with the service that I received.

Bastet's Island Summer Tahitian Peach 

Persian Peach Accord, Tahitian Summer Peach, NA Papaya Accord, Light Jasmine, Crystal Musk and White Musk.

I get a very strong and realistic papaya note straight out of the vial. The peach accord makes a debut after I apply the oil to my wrist but the papaya is still very obvious. I am not really enjoying the way this note interacts with my skin chemistry. There is something unpleasant behind the peach but I can't distinguish what it is. This scent strongly reminds me of the the car fresheners that can be found in tins at your local car wash. The jasmine, papaya, and vanilla give off a cheap/tropical room spray vibe. Unfortunately, this isn't the peach scent that I'm after.

Words that adequately describe this scent: Cheap, Artificial, Fruity

The Bat

 Hungarian Cardamom, Hungarian Woods, Black Fig, Hungarian Pekoe Spice Tea, Hungarian Sugar, Mango Essence, Hungarian Sandalwood and Hungarian Benzoin-infused-vanilla bean.

Out of the vial, I am hit with a very intense nutty aroma. Sadly, this strange aroma does not go away after skin application. I can pick out figs on my wrist but they are barely there, the nuttiness completely overpowers the rest of the notes. The woods and mango essence never come through. I have no idea what Pekoe Spice Tea smells like so I can't attribute the nuttiness to that. Is it the cardamon? Fragrantica states that it can have a resinous fragrance but all I'm getting is sweet nuts.

Words that adequately describe this scent: Nutty, Sweet, Warm

Thoth and Bastet's Light Incense White Amber Essence #3

 NA White Amber aged in oak, Golden Amber Resin, Aged Moonstone Crystals, Crystal-infused-Sandalwood whole, Egyptian Musk, Incense Accord, infused incense and Bastet's Zamsara perfume.

I like this more than Tahitian Peach but it's still giving me the same car freshener vibes. This smells exactly like one of those 'clean' or 'blue' air freshener tins; it instantly reminded of the last time I was at a car wash. I wonder if my skin chemistry is the culprit because none of these scents seem to be cooperating.

Words that adequately describe this scent: Cheap, Slightly Blue, Clean 

Hallow's Cat 

Black Amber, Black Sandalwood, Winter Amber, Orange Spiced Tea, Bilberry, Ebony Wood and dried crushed Fall Jasmine.

When I opened the vial, I immediately recognized the familiar scent. You know those chewy orange slice candies that have an ass ton of sugar on them? That's exactly what this smells like; there is no difference once it is applied to skin. It becomes very powdery after a few minutes of wear and I am left with an orange grandma scent.

Words that adequately describe this scent: Artificial, Cheap, Simple

I really don't want to judge this company based on four scents alone but I am very hesitant to try more of their offerings. I don't think my skin chemistry likes them very much :(

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